Princeton Baptist Medical Center Receives Prestigious Baby-Friendly Designation

Dec 18, 2018

Princeton Baptist Medical Center has been named a Baby-Friendly hospital by Baby-Friendly USA. The Baby-Friendly recognition acknowledges Princeton Baptist’s commitment to providing an optimal level of care for breastfeeding mothers and their babies.

The hospital successfully completed an on-site assessment confirming the implementation of Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative’s Ten Steps To Successful Breastfeeding Program. Studies have concluded that babies who breastfeed have lower risks for certain illnesses and medical conditions.


“Being named a Baby-Friendly hospital affirms our commitment to ensuring high-quality mother/baby care,” said Pat Franklin, RN, BS, Manager of Women and Infants at Princeton Baptist Medical Center. “As one of only two Baby-Friendly hospitals in Birmingham, we are dedicated to providing mothers with the education and support they need to successfully breastfeed their babies and deliver the benefits of breastfeeding, which extend well beyond basic nutrition.”

According to Danielle Rose Hesley, who gave birth to her third child at Princeton Baptist Medical Center earlier this year after relocating from Minnesota during her second trimester, "One of the greatest gifts of birthing at Princeton was the opportunity to receive the care of lactation consultant, Marcia. She is wonderful! It is difficult to express the depth of my gratitude for her incredible dedication to supporting mothers in the tremendous responsibility of sustaining the lives of their babies through breastfeeding.”

brookwood-baptist-compressorHesley continued, “It takes a lot of courage and sacrifice to exclusively breastfeed a baby. After meeting with each mother in the postpartum recovery rooms, Marcia gives the mother a folder full of resources on breastfeeding and a business card with her cell phone number. She said to call or text me anytime, and I thought to myself how unbelievable that was! I personally reached out to Marcia many times and went to meet her at the hospital on several occasions when I was struggling with my milk supply with our third baby. I cannot thank Marcia enough for making herself so readily available to communicate with me. She has helped so many mothers and babies through her dedication. The new Baby-Friendly certification for Princeton Baptist Medical Center is greatly due to the commitment of Marcia in her ministry of lactation consultation and the support she gives to the entire team dedicated to educating mothers in breastfeeding.”


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