Your Visit

Preparing for your visit

Preparing ahead of time for a hospital visit can make a big difference in your experience. Knowing what to expect creates a better sense of security and reassurance, and that means you can focus on providing support for your loved one.

General guidelines for visitors:

COVID-19 Updates, Information and Visiting Restrictions

Condition Reports

Personal information about a patient’s diagnosis and treatment must come from the physician. This information is only available to immediate family members as designated by the patient.

Patient Discharge Policy

Hospitals do not provide transportation for patients after release from surgery or other procedures. Patients and family members should arrange for travel home following a procedure. Patients will not be able to drive themselves home following surgery.


Parking is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Patients and visitors are cautioned not to park in reserved or designated areas. Parking charges are for the use of the space only. Neither the parking service company nor Brookwood Baptist Health assumes responsibility for loss through fire, theft, collision, or other damage to your vehicle or its contents. Please lock your car.